Turbulence Modeling – The Gist

The attached presentation is a concise description of turbulence modeling approaches, based on the portion of Turbulence Modeling of past CFD courses I have had the opportunity to lead.
It has many links to more elaborated blog posts relating to specific turbulence models and its foundations.

Update 29/3/18: Stress-Blended Eddy Simulation (SBES) (slides 86-87)

Update 15/4/18: Near Wall Treatment for ε-Equation Based Models (slides 48-49)

Update 23/4/18: Realizable k-ε overview (slides 45-47)

Update 26/4/18: Workshop link (instructions on slides 20-29)

Update 21/6/18: The v2-f Turbulence Model (slides 63-64)

Update 21/6/18: Shielded Detached Eddy Simulation (SDES) (slide 85)

Update 27/8/18: Embedded/Zonal LES (ELES/ZLES) (slides 88-89)

Update 25/3/19: GEKO Turbulence mode

Update 24/9/19: Links to dedicated workshops and best practice guidelines🔥NEW🔥

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